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Thank you for choosing to take part in the Dynamic Dudes programme!

If you are an organisation (e.g Local Authority, Metropolitan Borough Council, Public Health, other funding agency) please contact us directly via email: dynamicdudesbangor@bangor.ac.uk

If you are an individual school then please complete the registration process below

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In order to allow access to the programme materials there are three steps to follow...

Step 1

Please complete the following form to register your interest.

Step 2

Once your registration details have been processed, a member of the Dynamic Dudes team will contact you to explain the next steps starting with completion of a Licence Agreement which we will send to you. Once the Licence Agreement steps have been completed your school will be invoiced for the one off Licence Fee payment of £220 + VAT (if applicable). This Fee is a special start-up rate for 2019/2020.

Step 3

Once you have completed the Licence Agreement and payment steps you will be sent a unique username and passcode for your school which will give you access to the materials you will need to get up and running, and start your school on their healthy and active journey!

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