Beginner series

Dynamic Dudes at home

About this series

As well as teaching your child to perform cool new movement skills that underpin a range of sports and recreational activities, the videos equate to 15-20 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity.

We recommend playing one video per day, for example:

Monday – Charlie (Martial Arts),

Tuesday – Tom (Gymnastics)

Wednesday – Rocco (Football)

Thursday – Razz (Dance)

You’ll find two videos on each page. The first video demonstrates the moves in slow motion to enable your child to practice and perfect each move before performing them at full speed in the full video that is below.

There are three series of videos progressing in difficulty: Beginner, Advanced and finally Peak Power!

It's best to work through the videos in this order, showing the Beginner 1 videos each day for Week 1 and 2 (or however long your child needs to fully master the modelled moves) before progressing on to the Beginner Series 2 videos and so on.

We hope your child enjoys learning the super cool new skills modelled in the videos and you have fun joining in too.

You can access the videos by clicking 'series 1' in the tab on the right hand side of the screen.

Keep Safe and Keep Moving Dudes!

Dynamic Dudes